Yellow discoloration of tissues and body fluids with bile pigments as a result of any condition that brings about a rapid disintegration of red blood cells with a corresponding inability to excrete bile pigments through natural channels.

Several acute, inflammatory conditions as infectious hepatitis, acute pancreatitis, or acute biliary tract disease may produce jaundice. Non-inflammatory conditions include mechanical obstruction of the bile passages, pressure from tumefactions, benign or malignant cyst formation, or surgical trauma.

Proper diet in jaundice is essential. A diet extremely high in protein will speed recovery. Fats also need not be limited as normal bile flow is desired. Fats and oils accomplish this. As the backing-up of the bile into the blood-stream breaks down red cells and causes anemia, important nutrients aimed at rebuilding red blood cells is indicated.

Green Complex: A simple vegetable protein form easy to assimilate. Contains over 72 trace minerals and high in chlorophyll to aid G.I. tract tissue repair. Take 10 daily (1-2 every few hrs.)

Liver Detox+Silymarin: Nutritional support for the liver and gallbladder aimed at relieving liver congestion and improving bile flow as well as general systemic detoxification. Take 2, 3 times daily.

In-Digest: Relieves gas and other indigestion symptoms. Take 2 as needed.

pH Balance: Provides minerals to aid balance of blood chemistry. Take 1, 3 times daily.

Metal Detox: Aids removal of toxic metals. Take 1, 3 times daily.

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